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Unitech MS835

The MS835 comes with a range of interfaces to suit every application, including keyboard wedge, RS232 and USB. Its interchangeable cable helps to minimise downtime and a powerful decoder allows data to be formatted and edited before it is sent to the host, making software changes unnecessary. For applications in noisy environments, the audible good read confirmation bleep can be increased ensuring operators never miss a read.

The ergonomic design of the MS835 means your users won’t want to put it down but in case they drop it then rubber protectors will ensure that it survives, even when dropped to concrete from a height of 1.5m. For those applications requiring occasional or continual hands-free scanning the optional stand allows the MS835 to be used as a presentation scanner.


  • High performance laser scanner.
  • Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort.
  • Fast and accurate reading of all major 1D barcodes.
  • Rugged design able to withstand multiple 1..5m drops to concrete
  • Multiple scanning modes (Trigger, Flash, Multiscan, One Press On.e Scan)
  • Optional hands free stand for presentation scanning.
  • Easy programming with scanner configuration manager (Windows 98/2000/XP).

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